Welcome to the Law Office of Richard B. Cotton. If you’re one of the millions of frustrated taxpayers who owe the IRS or state back taxes, The Law Office of Richard B. Cotton can help. As a former IRS Agent and Tax Attorney, Mr. Cotton practices exclusively in matters of tax relief.
For over 25 years Top New York City Tax Lawyers at The Law Office of Richard B. Cotton has successfully brought more than a thousand individuals and businesses a permanent solution to their tax burden, achieving the best possible results for clients across a wide range of tax relief issues.
Mr. Cotton worked for 10 years as an IRS Agent in the Manhattan District. Mr. Cotton is well versed in IRS, NYS and NYC Collection Matters including negotiating installment agreements, offers in compromise, tax audits & tax appeals, wage garnishments & wage levy, innocent spouse relief, certificates of dischargesubordination agreements, releases of liens and releases of seizures of property, as well as numerous other matters that relate to the collection activity of the IRS, NYS and NYC. If tax debt is your problem, Mr. Cotton is your solution.

Reasonable fees charged and cases handled with discretion. Discounted fees on filing tax returns and free consultation with estimates given on services to be performed. 

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